Rainbows. Maybe even unicorns

I sat on the couch last evening, occupied by my keyboard and the changing sky outside my closed sliding glass doors to the deck. The dramatic rain had stopped and I noticed the late afternoon sky oddly becoming more light, rather than more dark, with the approach of evening.

D9B5388D-A906-4ABD-8E94-6CF825659071I stepped outside to look more intently at a slice of blue suspended between clouds of grey.  The promise of blue was inspiring and reassuring, confirming my instinct to look for the light, instead of focusing on the grey. I shifted my attention  east, where there was a beautifully vivid rainbow arching over my neighborhood. Delight filled me.

I climbed, barefoot, up onto a chair trying to get closer to the rainbow. I couldn’t stop smiling. After a few minutes, I managed to pull my eyes away from the constant, but ever changing, view. I turned my eyes further north to see an even more striking ribbon of color in the now blue grey sky. This rainbow was amazingly enough mirrored by a smaller, softer version of itself. I felt giddy.

CFF70CEB-C534-4EBF-AF45-7968D4CD058ERainbows happen all the time, right? There are uncountable pictures and IG accounts hashtagging  #rainbows, so there must be no lack of magically colored images. It kind of amazes me because, as a kid, I remember rainbows feeling very rare. Magical. I didn’t know how to find them. Often, they had to be pointed out to me.

Maybe, back then, I was more enthralled by the promise of gold at the end, than I was about the immediate and powerful beauty of the sky’s colorful display. Perhaps my attention was too occupied to take in and appreciate something that arrives without sound. I‘m certain I missed quite a few rainbows (and maybe even some unicorns) over the years, but I’m keeping my eyes up these days.

Suddenly, I’m seeing rainbows all over.

6 thoughts on “Rainbows. Maybe even unicorns

  1. Just reading this today, and it made me smile, even a bit hopeful….thank you for sharing the magical beauty of rainbows! BTW – The Last Unicorn was one of my favorite books…the movie was okay…best part was Kenny Loggins song!

  2. The “What’s Up in the Neighborhood” blog by Chuck the Writer brought me here. Your writing is magical. Stay keyboard-encouraged!

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