Shiny, happy people

“You’re glowing” they said.

I’ve heard that a lot recently and I’ve even recognized it myself. My eyes look tired, yet excited. My smile feels easy and I’ve sincerely tried to master keeping my head (on) straight and directly face the camera lens. I just look kinda shiny, in a good way.

My radiance, for lack of a better word, comes from inside. It’s what happens when I’m inspired. Turned on. Electrified.

At the moment I’m in the midst of an epic road trip (please read preceding three words with high drama!) with my son. We’ve reached the final stage of our trip, the first stage having been 6 nights in Washington followed by a four night road trip south through Oregon and Northern California, and are now enjoying San Francisco immensely.

The glow that I’ve been accused of emitting has been prompted by situations which I find to be stimulating. It’s the gratification of a hard earned end of a school year and a home improvement project which has progressed slowly, but beautifully. I’m proud of both the work I did professionally and the changes I’m making to my longest known home and I know that satisfaction causes me to beam.

My personal life has also prompted radiance. Meeting a person who reminds you of the possibilities the future might hold causes a certain uncontainable sparkle for sure. I’ve felt that light shining and appreciate its presence for however long it might last.

I think what’s really making me shine right now, though, is this trip. Having the means to take a two week drive with my son, complete with visits with dear friends, has been an amazing experience. The sights we’ve seen, the meals we’ve eaten, the conversations and laughs we’ve shared, have all combined to induce a luminescence that is undeniable.

Being described as “glowing” is a lovely compliment to receive. Living a life that makes one glow is even better. Shine your light, friends.

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