Albany Urban (redhead) Raid 2013

photo(161)When was the last time you leaped hurdles? Climbed a knotted rope? Swung on monkey bars? If you’re anything like me and your response is “middle school,” last Saturday’s Urban Raid in downtown Albany would have given you an opportunity to revisit those glory days. Minus the one-piece polyester P.E. uniform, of course.

This event was brought to my attention by one of the Lunar Bitches, Karen. Thanks to a decent Groupon offer, the entry fee was brought down to an acceptable $45, which included 2 post-race beers at City Beer Hall and a decent shirt complete with Albany skyline. The race began on State Street between the Capitol and ESP and participants were started in waves according to age and gender, with teams running last. Judging from the starting line, there are some folks confused about gender but I suspect that there were some families and couples who simply wanted to face the obstacles together.

And the obstacles? There were a couple which gave me a pause as I approached and tried to decide what tactic to take – climb the knotted rope or the rope ladder? Flip the really big tire or the smaller one? 20lbs of sand or 40? I am proud to say that the only “wimpy” option I exercised was when it came to the sand bag. Forty pounds seemed a bit much when I still had the majority of obstacles still to face. It was a good choice because I needed my strength for those monkey bars, which I surprised myself by dominating. Yeah for body sculpting classes and weights!

The race was fairly small with only 760 finishers. As for me, I finished the 5k in just under 36 minutes, placing 8th in my age group and 198th overall. I hope they repeat this event next year because I don’t think it was promoted very well and the course could stand more racers. And I want another shot at that cargo net wall.

2 thoughts on “Albany Urban (redhead) Raid 2013

  1. Rats – I didn’t see the rope ladder option. very much agree that I would like another crack at this now that I know what to expect, too.

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