Birthday – present, early and late

I sent out some invitations to a party I'm throwing to celebrate my 50th. The guest list was challenging - there are so many people I want to raise a glass with, but space is limited and I want to relax and enjoy the event rather than feel pressured to entertain. I ultimately decided to … Continue reading Birthday – present, early and late

Lunch at the Culinary Institute of America

Some days my good fortune threatens to overwhelm me. For instance last Friday, as part of a day of professional development, I had the opportunity to enjoy a three-course meal at Ristorante Caterina de Medici, the CIA's Italian restaurant. What a treat! Have you dined at the CIA before? I think it's been close to … Continue reading Lunch at the Culinary Institute of America

Saratoga morning

I understand that, to some people, going to the track involves a pink sheet and placing bets, but I've always enjoyed it best early in the morning before the crowds arrive.  The true beauty of the facility and the horses just shines when the day is new and the air is fresh.  It was a … Continue reading Saratoga morning

Scary grass and a wonderful veterinary practice

Proving that there is indeed never a dull moment, minutes before I was planning to leave for work on Friday, Jeter sidled up to me with an eye well on its way to being grotesquely swollen shut. Since I had just taken him outdoors not 30 minutes previously, I was at a loss as to … Continue reading Scary grass and a wonderful veterinary practice