Syracuse Half Marathon – 11/11/18

While I don’t expect I’ll ever be blasé about running 13.1 miles, I do feel increasingly comfortable with the distance. I won’t say it’s easy, but it a manageable distance that challenges without much post-race discomfort. Yesterday, I ran my 10th half, an accomplishment I never could have predicted when I did my first in … Continue reading Syracuse Half Marathon – 11/11/18

Three current crushes…November edition

The Manhattan at New World Bistro Bar. I’ve been lucky enough to have the same bartender on my last two visits to NWBB, and she makes a dynamite Makers Mark Manhattan that is exactly how I like and order it - up and teeny bit sweet. I’ve been too captivated by my companion(s) to get … Continue reading Three current crushes…November edition

Choosing what’s best – Election Day and every day

Owning a restaurant was an experience I’ll never forget - nor ever want to live again.  We’ve all had a relationship like that at least once, right? Lark + Lily was open for about 20 months and I learned a lot during that time. Ultimately my biggest lesson was that I refused to remain committed … Continue reading Choosing what’s best – Election Day and every day