The miseducation of Megyn Kelly

Last spring I ran a half marathon in NYC, kind of a bucket list item if I were to have such a thing. I originally registered for the race because a childhood friend brought it to my attention and it sounded fun. Anything to go to NYC, you know? It wasn’t the cheapest half I’ve … Continue reading The miseducation of Megyn Kelly

Thank you, President Trump for…

*showing the world how to unleash the racist, misogynistic, homophobic and anti semitic members of society. *being such a dramatic contrast to the previous administration and its ability to lead with grace, intelligence and respect. *speaking so bluntly and conveying your thoughts without an iota of decorum or presidential dignity. *convincing your base that immigrants … Continue reading Thank you, President Trump for…

Saturday afternoon in the Mid90s

For pretty much the first time in this century, I’m not working two jobs and weekends really feel different. Saturdays sure do change when one doesn’t have to be at work at four or five in the afternoon and I’ve spent recent Saturdays swapping seasons in my closet, raking out my front garden, changing drapes, … Continue reading Saturday afternoon in the Mid90s

A Star is Born – in two takes

The media blitz worked.  I needed to see the Bradley Cooper version of A Star is Born and I planned to make a Saturday matinee. But first, I needed to see the 1976 version with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. Hello, Friday night and Amazon Prime. I was 10 when that version was released and … Continue reading A Star is Born – in two takes

Soccer and traces of snow at the start of 7.1

The weekend has been the quintessential October weekend in New York’s Hudson Valley, by my definition. There were chores and errands, sports, a couple of movies, and a home cooked meal or two that featured intensely seasonal food like squash and pumpkin. It felt restorative. The sports were a balance between being a spectator and … Continue reading Soccer and traces of snow at the start of 7.1

When Friday is Tryday

It seems like there have been a lot of Good Fridays recently. A visit home, my birthday, the annual union picnic, a couple of galas... I’ve lost count of how many there have been but, it’s safe to say, it’s been quite a few Fridays since I’ve been home, wrapped in my favorite bathrobe, by … Continue reading When Friday is Tryday