The spectacle of Autumn

It’s the third week of October and I have yet to turn the heat on in my house. I came close one day recently, but I put on some cozy socks and added a flannel sheet to my bed and the moment passed. On this night, I’ve opened the window in my bedroom to sleep surrounded by mild, fresh air. The crickets I hear are a bonus.

Over the weekend, I spent time in 5 different counties in my area. Without exception, the views and foliage were spectacular. In Greene County, the Catskill Mountains were absolutely breathtaking with yellows and oranges dominating the vivid display of foliage. In Saratoga, the lake sparkled under a blue sky with the sun making a second layer of clothing unnecessary. Dining outdoors was blissful and memories of the late lunch on the water enjoyed with friends will warm me all winter long.

Driving through Schenectady County on the way to Schoharie County’s Vroman’s Nose was a treat. I believe it was my first time hiking this particular trail and the views were tremendous. The light was golden and the leaves were practically changing colors in front of our eyes. At the top of the climb we paused, taking pictures and gazing with dropped jaws at the splendor of nature. Until the wind kicked up and the sky briefly darkened threatening rain, that is. We decided to head back down to the car. While the trail is a loop, the first piece from the peak is aggressively pitched downhill and was a bit intimidating. Being cautious, we turned back but I hope to complete the loop some other time.

On the drive home we stopped at The Carrot Barn for, in theory, produce. An apple raspberry pie (still warm when I got to Albany), slab of carrot cake and pint of milk later, we were back in the car heading home. I slept well that night – well enough to feel inspired to make homemade whipped cream by hand the next evening to enjoy on that pie, as a matter of fact.

Twice this week I’ve gone running down by the Normanskill and I believe the foliage is absolutely at peak. Driving over the bridge that crosses the Normanskill Creek twice a day, gives me a beautiful vantage point of the tops of the trees, while my runs reveal the secret that red oak leaves look purple when flipped on their backs in the grass under my feet. It has been breathtaking.

While my first impression on my most recent run down by the Normanskill as that the oranges and yellows were popping, I concluded that the reds were absolutely gorgeous. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a more stunning autumn than this one. It’s been the closest thing, I think, to a consolation for the dumpster fire we call 2020.

I hope you are spending every possible moment outdoors. Breathe deeply and savor the beauty of autumn – I’m afraid it may be a long winter.

4 thoughts on “The spectacle of Autumn

  1. Nice pictures. On a more serious note (and since you wrote there as well), what the hell happened to CivMix?? I liked the daily synopsis and added features. Almost AOA-ish. Thanks!

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