A negative start to the new year

With the Covid noose growing ever tighter, it was time for my youngest and I to get tested recently for the first time. We’d had a close exposure and were concerned that we might by asymptomatic Corona carriers. After much encouragement and advice from patient and smart friends, off we went to SUNY for our very first nasal swabs experience.

I have to say, it was not the most comfortable situation. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t a sharp burning sensation in my nostril. By keeping my eyes closed and stomping my feet, I was able to muscle through and ten seconds later it was over. Now came the really hard part – isolating and waiting for results…

The day after we tested was New Year’s Eve. Since going out and clinking glasses with well dressed grown ups at midnight was impossible, I had to come up with a different plan to mark the end of the annus horribilis aka 2020. My girlfriends no longer would coming up to Albany and now it would just be Quinn and I. 

Jeter and I started our afternoon with an isolated run at Muni. We took to the back nine, masked, and did a clockwise loop sticking to little used paths and trails. On the way home, I stopped for gas, believing that it would best karmically to start a new year with a tank full of fuel. This same impulse also prompted me to complete some household chores. A fresh, clean start means something to me, especially during a time in which it feels like so much is out of control.

Jeter had a bath, which he seemed exceptionally pleased about. He really does like water in any form and indulges me by jumping into the tub when he is dirty, waiting as I gather towels and supplies for his spa services. It was a luxurious bath for him (he smells amazing!) and, since I had no where to go, I didn’t mind scrubbing the tub and cleaning the bathroom afterwards looking forward to my own bath later in the evening.

But, first, a yoga class in my living room. This particular class, Sweat & Surrender, has quickly become a favorite with its merge of challenging flows and yin inspired poses held for extended amounts of time. I went directly from my mat to my tub of bubbles, complete with the dregs of the bottle of red wine I opened earlier in the week and candlelight.

The handmade bath products I had received as a Christmas gift were the ideal girly indulgence and I, too, smelled pretty amazing, as I slipped into the sequined dress I had rented for the holiday. Yes, I indeed wore a sparkly dress to usher in the new year at home. I mean, why wouldn’t I?

My son and I had a great, easy dinner and I popped the last bottle of Cremant from my basement. The evening flew by as I FaceTimed with friends near and far, laughing and not for a moment feeling isolated.

A little after midnight, I corked the remainder of my sparkling wine and got ready for bed. I decided to take one last look at the patient portal for my Covid test results. Shockingly, they were available.


I can’t think of a more positive way to start a new year.

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