I put a spell on you

It seems like versions of this song have been popping up in my life recently. While the original version by Screaming Jay Hawkins is a classic, no doubt, the versions I prefer are a bit less campy.  Think Nina Simone or this wonderful, modern version by She and Him which is featured on my newest running playlist.

This take by then 9 y/o Angelina Jordan, to me, makes a convincing case for reincarnation. I mean, seriously, how else can one explain the anguish and emotional pain in the voice of a child?

I know that I’ve never put a spell on anyone – at least not intentionally. Some have claimed to adore me, others to have been spooked by me, but those responses weren’t prompted by any overt action on my part, other than my simply being me. Trust me.

But, I’m beginning to wish that I might have the power to actually bewitch on demand.
Since I’m incapable of wiggling my nose, I know I’d have to develop a different move. Perhaps my ability to raise my right eyebrow would suffice and prompt my desired spell to go into effect.
I’ve completely accepted the fact that I’m not actually magical and instead have begun casting about for other means of achieving my goals and desires. The method I keep returning to is manifestation and I’ve been doing a little reading up on it.
Catch up by reading this.
Much of what is on that list is familiar behavior for me, but there are a couple of things I’m stumbling on, particularly the very first item: Be clear about what you want.
Hmmm. That’s pretty important, isn’t it?  Maybe I haven’t been clear enough?
Expressing what one wants makes one vulnerable, a very uncomfortable state for someone like me. When we share our deepest desires it gives others the opportunity to meet them, which is great, but it also provides an incredibly direct path to an area of ourselves which we may not want to reveal.
Personally, I prefer my own exposure to be more cleavage centric.
I may have given up on magic, but I’m certainly willing to invest more time and energy into manifestation. But, first it seems, I need to be more clear about what I want from life, relationships and the universe.
I’ll be working  on that – along with my nose wiggle. 


Do you have any methods or techniques for encouraging desired life change(s) to occur? Share with a comment or drop me an email.

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