I’d like 10 things that bring me joy for $100, LeVar

Wait! What do you mean LeVar Burton didn’t get the Jeopardy hosting gig?! Now I’m going to need 11 things that bring me joy because that truly sucks.  Fortunately, I’m really adept at finding my own happiness and pleasure. While LeVar didn’t get the job he so clearly deserved, I’ve got this.

1. A birthday bag
2. Flowers in my bathroom
3. A broken cork that yields a luscious bottle of wine.
4. Plants that are mostly thriving – bonus points for adorbs Lilly boy.
5. A terrific YA fiction novel with bedside flowers.
6. Buttermilk pancakes with fresh peaches and blueberries and local maple syrup.
7. This darling bar cart purchased on Facebook Marketplace for $50 – bonus for cute Lilly boy pic.
8. Artwork on display from a few of my favorite artists.
9. Evidence of a shared and greatly enjoyed special ”birthday bottle.”
10. Painted flowers and walls
11. This bridge inviting me to come to the other side.

How about you? Where are you finding joy these days? 

3 thoughts on “I’d like 10 things that bring me joy for $100, LeVar

  1. I just celebrated a milestone birthday myself, mine ended with a 0….spent Saturday night with a group of women I have been zooming with and meeting in person for over 18 months, drove home while watching a spectacular moonrise, and got home to see my a banner of posters and birthday greetings in my front year. Spent the day grilling and chilling and had a fantastic dinner with hubs and my BFF’s family…including my fave…ice cream cake. Celebrating the day after with taking the day off from work, going for a drive and lunch with BFF…
    So many wonderful moments, all low key and all memorable

    1. I was thinking about you and your birthday and am so happy to hear that your celebrations were so lovely! Such a gorgeous weekend to honor you and a milestone birthday. Congratulations and many more years of happiness and health.

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