In the realm of my senses – sort of

Did you ever see the film In the Realm of the Senses? I went to see it a million years ago at The Spectrum Theater. I was an undergrad at the time and my philosophy professor offered credit for going to see the film (and it’s most definitely a film and not a movie), which was a first for me, both in content and reward. Did I mention it was rated X?

Well, that’s not what I’m planning to share below, but I did like the title and what it suggests. My three day weekend, a fairly quiet one during these covid times, managed to stimulate a lot of my senses. Read on and I’ll explain

Knowing that the weather was forecast to be messy on Monday, I took advantage of Sunday’s cold sunshine and treated myself to a visit to Hudson. It was a trip south, you know? I enjoyed a leisurely early afternoon drive, parked on Warren Street and did a slow lap on foot of the broad street filled with shops and eateries. I impulsively ducked into Adage, a boutique fragrance shop, with the thought of finding a scent for my youngest son’s upcoming birthday. 

The shop was active, but not crowded and I received assistance almost immediately. I explained my hope of purchasing something special and was steered me towards a lovely, surprisingly delicate, fragrance balancing masculine leather and tobacco and something musky.  I asked for an option with a floral note and he sampled me on a second scent. This one, though, took feminine aromas of flowers and spices and emulsified them into an oozy, heady delight. That’s the one I bought.

I’ve been binging on Insecure on HBOMax which leaves me wondering where I could possibly go to meet women like Issa and Molly. I can relate to them so much more than those Sex in the City gals. The situations and conversations rang so true for me at times that it made me feel like my phone was bugged* because I know I’ve spoken the exact same words as Issa and Molly. I’m loving this show and, in true Silvia fashion, I’m onto it at exactly the moment in time that the series has concluded. At least I won’t have to wait for the finale.

I’m reading – and loving, the utterly charming The  House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune. Described in a cover blurb as “…like being wrapped up in a big gay blanket,” this fantasy novel uses a gentle touch to convey the importance of acceptance, being one’s self and living life fully. I was completely enchanted by the characters in this book, particularly Lucy, whose name is a diminutive for Lucifer. As in Son of the Devil. Honestly, I haven’t loved a devil this much since my 10th grade boyfriend. Please read and share this wonderful book!

Cold days demand hearty food, which doesn’t necessarily translate as meat. We’re big on beans at my house and last night’s dinner, complete with freshly baked No Knead Bread, was exactly what I was craving. Roasted orange vegetables along with Greek style chick peas with onions, oregano, olive oil and fresh lemon made for a satisfying supper. The leftover chick peas will be dynamite for breakfast with a poached egg or two and a slab of buttered toast. Yum. I can barely wait for breakfast.

Stretching my physical self was the plan for Monday and I achieved my goal by taking a morning yoga abs class that I guarantee will be sending daily reminders of my attendance for the next three days each time I laugh or cough. Damn, Jeannine, you killed me! I followed my virtual class with the first ski of the season around Albany Muni with my dog in conditions that were pretty decent. The course was as busy as I’ve ever seen it and it truly warmed my heart to see all the kids, families and dogs enjoying the first mild day in what feels like a long time. Capping off the day’s activities with a restorative evening yoga class was a lovely way to punctuate my bonus Sunday. 

That’s not a bad day.

The Lumineers’ new release “Brightside” reminded me of the kind of cohesiveness that a well produced album can achieve. I’d been listening to the single for a few weeks and I’m happy to say that the full work lives up to it. The band effectively combines sentimental lyrics, a consistent tempo and well played instruments, (including voices), to deliver a record that I know will be in rotation at my house.

Maybe your senses were also working overtime? What have you been smelling, watching, reading, eating, feeling and hearing?

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