In the brightness of a weekend morning I realized…

  • That I’m consistently either ahead of the pack or a mile behind it, swinging from end to end never languishing (or wanting to be) in the middle.
  • The results from the Attachment Style quiz I took, twice with different results each time, seem to support the above statement when applied to relationships in my life. Interesting stuff that fits into my current state of reflectiveness.
  • Television has really stepped it up. Being home isn’t so bad when it’s 10° out and there’s quality programming like Succession on demand. How can you not love a show that has characters that say shit like this?

“Scrawny on meth or yoga” (Logan)

“Souls are boring” (Cousin Greg)
  • I’m getting back into a place where I feel like I can define myself as a runner. I’ve set a running goal for the year, modest as it may be at barely half of my most active running year. I’m totally ok with that, though, having learned after literally hobbling myself by running 6 half marathons in 9 or 10 months, that I need to be a little more gentle with my body. That being said, last week I skied three times and took six yoga classes. Balance, right?
  • Dating sometimes feels like working a full time job trying to find someone for a position for which you only plan to hire part time.
  • In typical Silvia fashion, I’m once again obsessing over a musician from decades ago. Remember my Harry Nilsson  phase? Well, it’s been replaced by a new Nick Drake period that I’m really digging. Pink Moon is incredible. Give it a listen and join me in 1972.
  • One of the perks* of dating is the opportunity to really hone in on what sort of relationship you want. I’m getting more comfortable with asserting what I’m seeking at this point in my life – fun and excitement. Period.
  • Only four more weeks until I’m scheduled to be in Rome. Please send some positive energy into the universe that I can get there.
  • Gel manicures look fabulous for weeks, but destroy my nails for at least as twice as long. Remind me to not do this to my nails again.
*see how positive I am?

2 thoughts on “In the brightness of a weekend morning I realized…

  1. My daughter just got back from Rome (she has to go there twice a year for her job), said it was basically knowing & following the rules.You are “carded” whenever you go in a restaurant which I wish they were doing here (as they are in Philly). I’ll save my snarky remarks about dating for some other time.

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