Out on the weekend

Regardless of your position on the pandemic being “over,” I think we can all agree that the most intense days, and nights, of isolating ourselves from one another are done. Social calendars are once again filling in, sometimes even in ink, and life feels busy again.

It’s nice, however…

I’m feeling like I’ve swung from one extreme to another, from being alone and connected only virtually, to always being accompanied or booked. Understand, as I do, that it’s totally my m.o., though. If there’s open time in my schedule and people I love, I like to put them together.

Honestly, I’m not complaining.

But maybe there’s a middle ground on which to land, a place where we consciously retain some time to be spontaneous, or perhaps even idle.

Many of us, I think, are guilty of the same thing: we over schedule ourselves. Between work and family and various appointments and chores and socializing, we live busy, full lives. Our precious hours are occupied. We suffer from a sense that we must maximize our time and often believe the way to do that is to be hyper busy. Down time is considered time wasted and there’s that whole FOMO thing…

As 2022 draws to a close and your “post-pandemic” social life begins to expand, I’m here to remind you that it’s okay to fill your calendar with holiday events and gatherings. Of course, you’re equally entitled to not fill your calendar. You do you, friend.

If you’re committing to in-person gatherings you should be aware that Covid and the flu, along with an array of other contagious illnesses, are swirling around. Keep your health – physical and otherwise, in mind when you schedule things and remember that, with appropriate notice, it’s perfectly fine to cancel plans if you’re no longer feeling up to being social or festive.

No matter what the season, there’s nothing wrong with quiet time at home. If that’s what you need, take it. And, if you’re looking for a really amazing show to take in while you’re cozy on your couch, keep an eye out for streaming opportunities to watch the new Neil Young film, Harvest Time, which documents the making of one of my own personal desert island albums, Harvest. Seeing a young Neil as he crafted this incredible record is an experience I don’t think you’ll forget soon.

5 thoughts on “Out on the weekend

  1. Merry Christmas 🎄☃️ or Happy Holidays. I love reading your posts. I wish you all the merry best for now and the New year. Thank you for sharing.

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