‘22 Firsts

There are people in this world who might happily declare that they’ve done “everything” and that there’s nothing new to experience. I am not one of those people. As evidence, I present to you 22 things I did for the very first time in 2022.

Kissed Nick F.

Worked in Kinderhook

Spent a week on my own in Greece

Been recalled for a diagnostic mammogram

Had dual citizenship – and a German passport!

Worn sequins on the regular

Taken the train, followed by the ferry, to P’town

Went topless at the beach

Walked out on the jetty in P’town

Visited Ischia

Watched the West Wing – all of it!

Played Wordle

And Quordle

Tried to grow dahlias

Walked on the Appian Way

Fell in serious love with jumpsuits

Spent Thanksgiving in Vermont

Passed out in Palm Springs

Saw a gallery full of Hopper’s in NYC

Baked an upside down cake

Drank shots of ouzo

Ate pizza in Napoli

I hope your new year is filled with new and wonderful experiences!

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