Thoughts after seeing American Sniper

I’ve seen a number of movies in the past month or so, three of which have been based upon books. American Sniper is the only one in which I felt the movie didn’t accurately portray the author’s experiences with real accuracy. I admire Chris Kyle's patriotism and willingness to sacrifice his life for his country, … Continue reading Thoughts after seeing American Sniper

Spinning my wheels getting hot

Last Thursday night I doubled up my workout with a really cool event co-sponsored by The Revolution and The Hot Yoga Spot.  Billed as “Hot Revolution,” it was essentially a 45 minute spinning class followed by a 45 minute hot yoga class for the total bargain price of $20. We began at 5:15 at The … Continue reading Spinning my wheels getting hot

The State of our State makes me angry

I'm angry that Sheldon Silver was given the courtesy of sitting in a position of prestige at this week's State of the State address when the state's teachers are not invited to sit at the table and truly participate in education reform and improvement. I'm angry that Sheldon Silver, along with the governor and other … Continue reading The State of our State makes me angry

Getting educated – 500 miles worth of lessons

Three day weekends should leave those fortunate enough to have had 3 consecutive days off feeling relaxed and satisfied. There definitely were some moments during the 72 hours which prompted some pretty positive emotions, but the overwhelming sensation I'm experiencing right now is simple exhaustion. As I am inclined to do, I scheduled the weekend … Continue reading Getting educated – 500 miles worth of lessons