Just a normal weekend

After days of the most bizarre of circumstances and events, I felt mentally shot. I was exhausted in every imaginable way and, by the time Friday afternoon rolled around I was done. Done.

Of course, I couldn’t go directly home. There are always errands to be run and once I am home, I’m not leaving again unless it’s an emergency.

Once the groceries, along with my lunch bag, were unpacked and this week’s grocery store bouquet was situated in a vase, all I wanted to do was take a little run with Jeter. After 5 yoga classes in 6 days I wanted to stretch my legs in a different way.

We got out a little after 4:00. There was still light in the sky and the air was crisp in my lungs. When we got around the corner, I impulsively went left rather than right. I just had a feeling that I needed to run a little longer today.

As I warmed up, I became happier. It just felt so good. If I wanted to go faster, I pushed myself harder. When I needed to catch my breath, I slowed down or refocused on the sensation of running from my core. I felt strong.

After our five miles and back home again, I made an inspired, and well received, dinner of broiled salmon with soy, brown sugar and ginger with mashed potatoes and corn on the side. It was delicious and exactly what I wanted and, bonus, my son had seconds

Once dinner was enjoyed and cleaned up. I made a cocktail from the dregs of a bottle of Bulleit and sipped as I planned next week’s lesson for my sixth grade students. Seems a good time to use some resources to teach about the history of protest and demonstration in the U.S. We’ll start with the post-Triangle Shirtwaist Fire demonstrations and the impact on labor laws…

Saturday was a day of errands and chores, some more tedious than others. Haircuts are fun, baking is satisfying, grocery shopping not so much. Either way, I drove from one end of Albany to the other getting tasks done and, aside from the truck with Trump and Blue Lives Matter flags that drove past me at a traffic light, the day felt close to ordinary. It was refreshing.

In the evening, for the first time in months, I met a friend out for a drink. Just like in the old days, except we wore masks and were not elbow to elbow with other like minded people. I had on a great outfit, accessorized with a pair of my “good” earrings and, because it was cold, I busted out my vintage mink. Why save it? Who knows when I’ll be out again?

On Sunday morning, a friend (thanks, CO!) tipped me off to the availability of Covid vaccine appointments and I jumped on it. Later this month I’ll receive my first dose. While I’m nervous about the vaccine (I had a bad response to a flu shot decades ago. Haven’t had one, or the flu, since,) I’m prepared to take the risk. I want to be able to travel, to hug the people I love and to have regular, normal weekends without constant masking and social distancing.

I’ll keep the diamonds and fur ready to wear.

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