Stop this train

Sitting in a screened porch, dog at my feet, listening to John Mayer and staring out at the moody, foggy pond across the dirt road and I completely concur with his plea - stop this train. At this moment in time, despite a lack of sunshine or resolution to a heartache, my world is so … Continue reading Stop this train

Seventeen things I learned in 2017

Never regret money spent traveling. I’m not a good boss and have no interest in ever owning a business again. That being said, I did learn how to do payroll and use Quickbooks. The Hudson Valley has no shortage of adorable and fun places for quick getaways. For every $1000 spent on a cosmetic household … Continue reading Seventeen things I learned in 2017

When you wake up and the sky is pink…

You quickly pull on clothes, pausing to brush teeth, and grab your camera and dog and get outside. You make your way down the stone steps to the dock and the water and, if you're lucky, your Labrador actually obeys when you ask him to please not jump into the pond, thus allowing you to … Continue reading When you wake up and the sky is pink…

Who are you?

Yeah, you. My reader. It's been more than 7 years, 2 domains and a divorce since DelSo was born. Over the years I've shared a lot of my life and self here, in print. You, as a reader, have come to know me on some level from my words. What makes you return here (assuming … Continue reading Who are you?