Reflections on Summer 2018

My travels have taken me new places and I am so appreciative of the memories I made and the food I ate and the wine I drank and the friends I hugged. Cape Cod without children is like shared custody following the end of a marriage/relationship - a dirty little secret in all the best … Continue reading Reflections on Summer 2018

Coming clean

Welcome to one of the saddest days of my life year. Even though it happens every year, if I’m lucky, the final morning on Cape Cod always leaves me feeling melancholy. There’s something about knowing that it’s the last time I’ll be seeing the ocean and smelling the salty air that punctuates my summer in a … Continue reading Coming clean

In pursuit of perfection

When I instruct 6th graders on bibliographic formatting I always tell them that perfect is never my goal, except for in MLA citations. Beyond that, perfect is not my expected, or even necessarily desired, outcome. I don’t need perfect.  Authentic and true is more than enough for me. This year’s Cape vacation has come with … Continue reading In pursuit of perfection

Stop this train

Sitting in a screened porch, dog at my feet, listening to John Mayer and staring out at the moody, foggy pond across the dirt road and I completely concur with his plea - stop this train. At this moment in time, despite a lack of sunshine or resolution to a heartache, my world is so … Continue reading Stop this train

Seventeen things I learned in 2017

Never regret money spent traveling. I’m not a good boss and have no interest in ever owning a business again. That being said, I did learn how to do payroll and use Quickbooks. The Hudson Valley has no shortage of adorable and fun places for quick getaways. For every $1000 spent on a cosmetic household … Continue reading Seventeen things I learned in 2017