What’s it worth to you?

If you’re fortunate, you might someday arrive at a place in life where your first response to an opportunity is no longer “Can I afford it?” Maybe your personal budget finally has a line-item for fun, adventure and improvements, however you choose to define that, and it’s no longer necessary to monitor each expenditure quite … Continue reading What’s it worth to you?

Who are you?

Yeah, you. My reader. It's been more than 7 years, 2 domains and a divorce since DelSo was born. Over the years I've shared a lot of my life and self here, in print. You, as a reader, have come to know me on some level from my words. What makes you return here (assuming … Continue reading Who are you?

What I now know about pressure cookers…

They scare me. I've always considered the pressure cooker to be the most menacing piece of kitchen equipment.  I understand the appeal of cooking something super fast, rather than leaving it to braise for hours upon hours, but I was always intimidated by their mystery.  This past week has only confirmed my fears. They continue … Continue reading What I now know about pressure cookers…

Dreadmill Blues

image: benjamuna.files.wordpress.comWhen I first began running after my shoulder surgery, it was winter and I made use of the treadmill at the gym. I really had no complaints about the experience. I could listen to music, watched muted Home and Garden television and people watch - all at the same time without tripping. I was … Continue reading Dreadmill Blues

(Un)Chain My Heart

I'm all about independence. Looking in my pantry and seeing shelves filled with good food that I selected, purchased and carried home in my reusable bags gives me pleasure. Writing that check the other day for the property taxes on my home gave me a twinge of happiness that originated in the realization that I … Continue reading (Un)Chain My Heart