Where Hepburn and Tracy trysted

Trysted. What a word! Sometimes the state of language distresses me...folks don’t respect it enough to spell it or speak it correctly and the words we’ve added to English just don’t seem to have added much really. Like “hooking up,” for instance. But, I digress. Let’s get to where Hepburn and Tracy trysted! During my … Continue reading Where Hepburn and Tracy trysted

Three current crushes…November edition

The Manhattan at New World Bistro Bar. I’ve been lucky enough to have the same bartender on my last two visits to NWBB, and she makes a dynamite Makers Mark Manhattan that is exactly how I like and order it - up and teeny bit sweet. I’ve been too captivated by my companion(s) to get … Continue reading Three current crushes…November edition

Albany XXX

What’s up with that title, right? Is it porn? Extra large? Nope...Roman numerals - thirty, as in thirty years since I first moved to Albany. In August of 1988 I was 21. I moved here knowing not a single person, other than Mary Panza who I was lucky enough to meet when her roommate tried … Continue reading Albany XXX

Stormy weather

I recommend this version of Stormy Weather, if you want to go multi sensory with this. While I’ve been relishing the languid pace of this hot summer, with the added bonus drama of a spate of recent storms, sh*t has gotten real to folks in my immediate and extended neighborhoods. Last Friday, the rain came … Continue reading Stormy weather