A Saratoga Trifecta – Track, Farmers Hardware & Violet’s

Going to the track has never been my thing. Gambling doesn't appeal to me, I don't like big crowds and I'm really distressed by the number of horses which have died this season. It's all just too much. But, I do enjoy early mornings in Saratoga. There's a simple beauty to the horses trotting around … Continue reading A Saratoga Trifecta – Track, Farmers Hardware & Violet’s

Yoga Brunch

One of the most exciting parts of owning a restaurant, for me, is conceiving and hosting events. The Ladies First party last fall and our New Year's Day Open House, were two of my favorite afternoons spent at Lark + Lily in the  near year (!) since we opened. Last Sunday I was fortunate enough … Continue reading Yoga Brunch

For breakfast, I ate pork belly – Pinewoo0d Social

Eating breakfast out is generally not my thing.  It’s usually just too much for me – time, money and calories.  An exception is made, though, when I travel and more than one person had strongly recommended the same spot.  So, on our first morning in town, I made a reservation and we took the short … Continue reading For breakfast, I ate pork belly – Pinewoo0d Social

Brunch and a bull ride

A couple of Sundays ago, I made it to the City Beer Hall for brunch.  I had no expectations going in other than to use my Living Social voucher and catch up with some friends.  I certainly did not expect the place to be so jammed with other wannabee brunch eaters and I most definitely … Continue reading Brunch and a bull ride

12 Days of Christmas – Dining DelSo

On the 8th day it was time to check out the bar(tenders) at a favorite neighborhood joint - New World Bistro Bar.  This place has been such a huge asset to the DelSo area.  Seriously, it probably single-handedly started the resurgence of Delaware Avenue when it opened a few years back.  I think the appeal … Continue reading 12 Days of Christmas – Dining DelSo

12 days of Christmas ~ Dining DelSo

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me...a kick ass bialy from All Good Bakers.  Ok, people, you must know about our DelSo Farm to Bakery restaurant, right?  Britin does a great job promoting their efforts and if there is a discussion about locally sourced produce or dairy, you can be … Continue reading 12 days of Christmas ~ Dining DelSo

Very nice, funny and huggable

image: http://www.prlog.orgAt least that's how my youngest described me in this year's utterly precious Mother's Day card.  Yep, it's a keeper.  This was my 16th Mother's Day and it contained both poignant and annoying moments. Kind of like motherhood,  in general,  I guess. Quinn gave me a marigold, Griffin gave me a song and dance … Continue reading Very nice, funny and huggable