It’s All Good

I finally had a chance Saturday morning to get to All Good Bakers in their new DelSo location.  The space looks great - tidy, warm and inviting with the awesome aroma of baking bread. I poked around a little and was impressed with the variety of offerings - loaves of different shapes in varying shades … Continue reading It’s All Good

Deconstructed quiche salad

I don't know about you, but I believe that nothing but good can follow butter and onions. Geez, the aroma is practically a meal in itself!  I was running a bit of a caloric deficit after completing the big loop at Muni and, truth  be told, I probably spent the last .5 mile or so … Continue reading Deconstructed quiche salad

Breakfast @Quintessence

looking a little skepticalYou know the phrase "there's no such thing as a free lunch?" Well, I couldn't buy breakfast in this town on New Year's Eve morning.  Our original plan was to walk around the corner and get some grub at the Wine n Diner, but, alas, they weren't open when we approached their door … Continue reading Breakfast @Quintessence

Black Friday Frittata

Since I had made a commitment to host brunch post-Thanksgiving shopping was not an option Friday.  Particularly since I needed to drive back to NY from CT Friday morning in time to prepare for guests arriving at 10 a.m. This group of girls is pretty fond of my Eggs Benedict, but we were expecting an … Continue reading Black Friday Frittata