Everything I know about Troy, I learned from Mary Panza

Ok, maybe that isn't 100% true, but she really did get me started on my Troy education.  When I first moved to Albany almost 25 years ago, I received some advice from a childhood friend regarding Troy.  He said, and I quote, "Troy is the armpit of the Universe." I was uncertain exactly what that … Continue reading Everything I know about Troy, I learned from Mary Panza

What makes a perfect snow day?

Yesterday was the first snow day my district has had this academic year - and it was well worth the wait.  I understand that we don't all have the luxury of a delayed start or the cancellation of our work day due to the weather and think you should know I am very appreciative of … Continue reading What makes a perfect snow day?

12 Days of Christmas ~ Dining Delso

Let's talk about pizza, shall we?  I mean, I know my boys would happily eat pizza on the 6th day of Christmas.  Truth be told, they'd be content eating pizza six days a week, probably.  Good thing we have some options in the DelSo.  First up - Gourmella's!  I'll begin by saying I'm not all … Continue reading 12 Days of Christmas ~ Dining Delso

Pizza @Cafe Capriccio

Pizza a la CapriccioLooks like there may be a new contender in AOA's Tournament of Pizza.  Friday night Yasmine, Will and I ventured  to Capriccio for a late night, grown-up dinner and were the lucky recipients of Franco's beautiful circle of love. The pizza Margherita was delicious!  Six slices of crisp crust, fresh, flavorful sauce, and generous mozzarella … Continue reading Pizza @Cafe Capriccio

Pizza for grown-ups

The Lilly males recently enjoyed some pizza from Andriano's in Delmar - if you go there, I strongly recommend their white pizza.  In their absence, I took the opportunity to make a completely self-indulgent, throw-on-whatever-I-want kind of pizza for myself.  I started with purchased dough simply because it was BOGO at the Chopper and I had some … Continue reading Pizza for grown-ups


In honor of the official first weekend of Football Sunday, we ordered take-out from the new place in the DelSo, Pizzalo, last week.  In addition to pizza their menu features pasta, salads, subs and wings, which certainly is convenient if you're serving a crowd with divergent appetites.  We kept things simple by placing a focused … Continue reading Pizzalo